Special Council Meeting




                                       26 February 2019













  Special Council Meeting Minutes

26 February 2019



1.        Opening and Recognition of Traditional Custodians. 3

2.        Reading of Affirmation and Prayer. 3

3.        Apologies. 4

4.        Councillors Declarations of Interest / Conflict of Interest 4

5.        Organisational Excellence. 5

5.1     Hearing of Submissions. 5

  Special Council Meeting Minutes

26 February 2019


   Baw Baw Shire Council

Council Meeting

26 February 2019



Minutes of the Special Council Meeting of the Baw Baw Shire Council held in the Trafalgar Council Chambers, commencing at 6:30pm on 26 February 2019.




Cr J Gauci, Cr M Leaney, Cr M Power, Cr K Cook, Cr D Wallace, Cr D Goss, Cr P Kostos, Cr T Jones and Cr J O’Donnell.


In Attendance

Mr M Dupe

Director Corporate and Community Services

Ms Y Woods

Director Planning and Development

Ms K Baum

Governance Coordinator



1.      Opening and Recognition of Traditional Custodians

Cr Power opened the meeting with recognition of the traditional custodians being;

I would like to begin by acknowledging the Traditional Owners of the land on which we are meeting, the Gunaikurnai People.  I pay my respects to their Elders both past and present, and Elders of other communities who may be here today.


2.      Reading of Affirmation and Prayer

Cr Power read the Councillors affirmation, being, ‘We now pause to reflect upon the solemn responsibilities conferred on us by the Parliament of Victoria through the Local Government Act (1989). 

We acknowledge that it is the responsibility of local government to ensure the peace, order and good governance of our Shire. 

We are to be responsible and accountable to our community here in Baw Baw Shire through good governance and leadership. 

Almighty God,

Give wisdom and understanding to the members of this Baw Baw Shire Council.

In all our deliberations help each of us to listen carefully, perceive the best course of action have courage to pursue it and grace to accomplish it.



3.      Apologies 

Cr J Gauci

Cr J O’Donnell

Cr M Leaney


Ms A Leighton                      Chief Executive Officer

Mr C Van der Velde             Director, Community Assets

Mr M Hopley                         Chief Information Officer

Mr M Kestigian                     Manager Communications and Economic Development

Mr P Harris                            Manager Governance



4.      Councillors Declarations of Interest / Conflict of Interest



  Special Council Meeting Minutes

26 February 2019


5.      Organisational Excellence

5.1       Hearing of Submissions

Governance Officer

Directorate:  Corporate and Community Services


Ward:          All


Appendix:     2 attachments



To provide Council with the opportunity to hear preliminary submissions received during the December Have Your Say process into the:

·    Council Plan review

·    Draft Annual Budget 2019 – 2020

·    Draft Long Term Financial Strategy and Long Term Infrastructure Plan.


That Council consider these community priorities and submissions received in future budget planning.


council Motion


Moved:              Cr D Wallace

Seconded:        Cr T Jones




The following persons made a submission to Council.



Melinda Wells


Jodie Martin


Mark Judd


Jackson Landy


Roslyn Kaine


Kelly Sheehan


Tristan Zimora


Judy Farmer


Peter Ware


Pat Turner


Chris Healey


Joan McColl


Ian Bruce McDonald


Elly Martin


Liz Meggetto


David Wombat Lyons

Key POINTS/Issues

·    Council advertised a ‘Have Your Say’ opportunity for the community to provide early input to annual Council Plan, Budget and Infrastructure planning.

·    The consultation was advertised via the Council website, social media and direct electronic mail to major community stakeholders.

·    Comments were invited from 8/11/18 – 20/12/18, and 116 submissions were received in response to the following questions:

o In your opinion, what are the top three priorities for our community and why? and

o A freeform space for any other comments 

·    25 submitters indicated that they would like to speak to their submission.

·    The considerations of these submissions is part of the public consultation process in preliminary consideration of the draft 2019/20 budget and prior to any formal consultation on the draft 2019/20 budget.

·    Those submitters who have expressed in their submission that they wish to be heard before Council will be provided the opportunity to speak to their submission for up to three minutes in accordance with the Council Community Participation Time Policy (Attachment 1).

·    A broad summary of the number and type of submissions is attached as attachment 2.



  Special Council Meeting Minutes

26 February 2019




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  Special Council Meeting Minutes

26 February 2019



Meeting closed at 8:33pm


Confirmed at this meeting 13 March 2019





Cr M Power